For photographers who always have a problem with where to put their camera, for those who just like to take their DSLR everywhere and not bring those extra-large bags, this is the right thing to get. Notebook Montgomery Street Backpack is designed so you can put your camera inside, and still have room for snacks, additional equipment, your laptop and your car keys. And, you will look extra-stylish.

Closed gray Notebook Montgomery Street Backpack

Discover the perfect piece of equipment for a travel photographer.

The most important thing for every photographer who spent lots of money on their camera is the safety of their most valuable piece of equipment. This backpack is definitely the right choice when it comes to safety – your DSLR well protected both on the inside (the interior was sewed in a special way so that it doesn’t scratch the screen) and the outside (the outer fabric is water-resistant and it can expand to protect the camera). Also, the shoulder straps are very comfortable and will keep your back from aching after hours of walking around looking for the perfect photo.

Notebook Montgomery Street Backpack with open side pocket

The backpack has a pocket on the side for easy access to your camera and many perfect shots.

The camera bag has lots of options for easy access to different parts of your equipment – there is a quick-access side panel, as well as the FlexFold System that makes extra room if you need it. There is also a front organizer that will be great for you to put your iPhone or just your wallet.  It is perfectly adjustable and can fit your every need – and it goes on your back.

Open Notebook Montgomery Street Backpack with an apple, a laptop and sunglasses inside

It can fit everything a photographer on the road needs – even a small snack.

If you always had problems with your camera equipment or needed to hire an extra person just to carry it all around, you can now relax and fit your camera, extra lenses, laptop and an apple in this backpack and always be prepared to take the perfect shot.

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