Norway’s Juvet Landscape Hotel

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Juvet is a fantastic landscape hotel that allows you to experience nature at the fullest. It’s located in a rural part of Norway, surrounded by a valley, forest, river and mountain view. It’s designed to blend the modern architecture with the wilderness and give you the opportunity to get in touch with it. Juvet was used as a filming location for Ex Machina, 2015 Sci-Fi movie.

One Of The Separate Rooms In Norway's Juvet Landscape Hotel

One of the separate rooms.

The rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, with a stunning view of the valley and river. Each room is completely different and designed to have a dark interior, so all the focus can be on the outside. There are also two ‘birdhouses’, small rooms that were built like traditional log houses, but with a modern touch.

The view of the river from Norway's Juvet Landscape Hotel

View of the river.

The hotel has nine separate rooms, but you can also stay in the restored old mill farm, and dine in the 100 year old barn. The barn has an open fire and a “lounge” area. There’s also a restored old farmhouse that hosts many different events.

Glass windows and the look on Norway's Juvet Landscape Hotel dining room

The hotel has floor-to-ceiling windows.

You can enjoy in ski sports, hiking, rafting, and at the end of the day relax in the spa area. It looks like a modern warm cave, a perfect place for taking a shower or soaking in the hot tub.

The room next to the river and the minimal and dark room interior

The dark and minimal interior will let you focus more on the outside.

This hotel is in total harmony with nature. It’s minimal and offers a unique touch with the stunning landscape. It’s always a great place to visit, no matter what season it is. Each season brings different unique experience. [via] watch video below

Relaxing Chairs Next To The Window At Norway's Juvet Landscape Hotel

A place for relaxation.

The Part Of Norway's Juvet Landscape Hotel In The Winter

The hotel is great to visit in any season.

Norway's Juvet Landscape Hotel Steam Room With The View On The River

The steam room with the black concrete floor.

Check out this video and see all the moods of Juvet:

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