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Every man that owns a beard knows that it needs to be honed. The guys over at Northern Fir Beard Co. also understand this which is why they’re bringing you their Northern Fir Beard Oil.

We’re all aware of the many benefits of sporting a beard: giving your skin a break from daily shaves, an added layer of warmth in the winter, and, perhaps most importantly, attracting a partner. However, every man knows that a beard needs to be cared for, and beard oil is gaining traction as the most important beard care product. In a market growing market that features so many options to choose from, Northern Fir stands above the competition.

Get it from Northern Fir here.

The boys at Northern Fir have meticulously crafted a beard oil from only the finest ingredients. The oil cosists of Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Grapeseed oils enhanced with a carefully formulated blend of essential oils: Sandalwood, Black Pepper, Juniper, Patchouli, Lavender and Cedarwood.

Shot of Norther Fir Beard Oil on a table with some pepper and cedarwood

This oil contains a selected blend of the finest essential oils that will have your beard glowing in no time!

To ensure that your beard receives maximum conditioning and hydration, neither the Argan or Jojoba oil has been refined, and unlike many other beard oils out there, Northern Fir doesn’t dilute these prime oils with cheaper oils.

All of the added essential oils come with their own benefits. For instance, Sandalwood is great for skin whilst Black Pepper stimulates blood flow and increases the health of hair follicles. Furthermore, the Patchouli has astringent properties that tightens your skin and helps fight both aging and acne. It is also antiseptic.

Norther Fir Beard Oil with a white background

You can purchase the Norther Fir Beard Oil in 1 fluid ounce bottles.

Needless to say, the guys over at Northern Fir put a lot of thought into their beard oil. In addition to it’s unmatched beard conditioning benefits, it keeps your beard’s underlying skin hydrated, fights agains acne and itching, and features an irresistible subtle yet complex scent. Not to mention, it will have your beard looking spectacular!

Norther Fir Beard Brushes

The guys over at Norther Fir will also be releasing their very own beard brushes in a few weeks. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Northern Fir is also releasing their own brand of beard combs in a few weeks. So, if you’re looking for the perfect products to keep your beard handsome, Northern Fir has got you covered!

Get it from Northern Fir here.

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