Normann Copenhagen is a company started by Jan Anderson and Poul Madsen and the wish of these guys was to make their company an important part of the design industry. A couple of years and 38 products later, Normann Copenhagen is a big name in the business of using traditional materials in non-traditional designs. The Cognac Glass is their newest product and it is bound to draw attention.

Rikke Hagen is the designer that came up with the Cognac Glass’s unorthodox design. The serene surrounding that usually accompanies cognac is what he took as the starting point. He wanted the glass to reflect this serenity, but the stem of the glass kept getting in the way of such an idea. Following the saying that the simplest solution is probably the best, he simply removed the irritating stem.

Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses 3

The result is a strange but eye-catching design that is a combination of a wonderfully sleek container and a short spire instead of the stem. Holding the Cognac Glass in your hand is a different experience, but leaving it on a table might seem as a bit of a problem. This is not so, however. Placing the Cognac Glass on the table will make it gently sway using the spire as axis for a while until coming to a complete standstill. This kind of a motion provides a great visual effect, but also augments the aroma and volume of the drink.

Drinking a good cognac should be an intimate moment that is dedicated solely to that experience. Doing so form the Norman Copenhagen Cognac Glasses will make it even more so.

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