Noria | The Window Air Conditioner Redefined


Air conditioners are a necessity for those hot summer days and even though window air conditioners have been around for almost 60 years, the technology hasn’t been refined until now. With regular window air conditioners your window is permanently obstructed and you have no possibility of getting fresh air in your home. Well, Noria aims to redefine what a window air conditioner is.

Apart from having a stunning design that will suit any décor that you might have, Noria is super easy to install. By using a specialized window frame adapter, you simply open up your window and then bring it down on top of the adapter, lock it in place and insert your Noria. This ensures that your window is not obstructed and when not in use, it can be removed.

Noria being installed

Weighing only 30 pounds, Noria is super easy to install.

The User Interface is also extremely friendly since it features a single knob with which you can adjust the temperature and it’s smart; you can also adjust using the Noria Android and iOS app on your smartphone. This also allows you to set a timer so that you can save power when you’re not at home.

Noria being adjusted via the knob and the Noria app shown on Android and iPhone

Noria has a simple but effective User Interface and can link with your smartphone via the Noria app.

Noria is less than 6” tall, which is tiny for an air conditioner, but at 5,000 BTU/hr it can still cool a room of 10’ x 16’ and two units can cool up to 330 square feet. It’s super quiet as well at only 50db which is about as loud as moderate rainfall and since it is directly attached to your window, Noria allows you to pull in fresh air from outside which eliminates stuffy rooms.

At the moment, Noria is a Kickstart campaign and they have already smashed their mark. So, if you’re interested, you can go fund them on Kickstarter to get the “Cool Package”. watch video below

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