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For all those who can make money from their computers, a nomadic lifestyle is more accessible. It allows you to move from place to place, explore different countries and cities, and still get things done. Nomad List is a crowdsourced website of possible destinations for living and working.

The founder of Nomad List, Pieter Levels, realized that “With more people worldwide flocking to the cities, these cities are becoming more expensive. And if you combine that with more jobs going online and being able to be done remotely, it seems logical for people to find the place to live where they can have the best lives for the lowest cost.”

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Nomad List will help you find you a perfect destination to live and work from.

Nomad List allows you to relocate to a place that best fits your needs, whether you want to live in a cheaper or a more expensive place, warmer or colder.  Nomad List is organized in a way to filter places based on different criteria. Of course, there’s the cost of living, but also criteria such as air quality, safety, internet speed, weather…

NomadList Best Cities

You choose the criteria for the destination, and Nomad List will filter the best choices.

You can search the best places that are low on racism, gay-friendly or female friendly. Also, there are options for you to choose cities with plenty of nature surrounding it, beaches, or leisure and fun stuff to do. Currently, the first on the list is Bangkok, with a great combination of all the important criteria and the last five places go to five cities in Turkey.

NomadList Chat

Nomad List Chat.

This website also offers you to set up trips and see the planned trips of others. There’s a chat, forum and even a place for setting a meetup. Also, one part of the website is reserved for stories on nomadic lifestyle and there’s a link that leads you to remote jobs, a list of available jobs you can do anywhere.

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