Though a powerful flashlight close at hand can be very precious in moments of utter darkness, lugging around a hefty beam is not often convenient or even feasible, especially if you find yourself lost, disoriented or even attacked under the cloak of night. That’s where Tiny Monster TM06 comes in – and comes in handy, too: labeled as the world’s tiniest and lightest 3800lm flashlight, this little torch guarantees tons of bright LED light in unexpected nighttime emergencies.

Recently revealed by the famous Chinese flashlight manufacturer Nitecore, Tiny Monster TM06 is an ultra-powerful yet extremely lightweight handheld torch with a quad-LED aluminum reflector (that’s four CREE XM-L2 U2 LEDs for you in the cheap seats) which can deliver up to incredible 3800 lumens of brilliant white light with optimal peripheral illumination to momentarily blind and stupefy all those mean pests and predators lurking in the dark. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with type III hard anodizing and fitted with a tough ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective finish, TM06 is small enough to snugly fit in the palm of your hand but don’t be fooled by its diminutive dimensions: strong and reliable, the Nitecore flashlight is impact-resistant to two meters and waterproof to the IPX8 standards so it can endure a couple of accidental dips or drops without breaking down.

Nitecore Tiny Monster TM06 Flashlight

Measuring 4.92 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches (125 x 50 x 50 millimeters, length x head diameter x tube diameter) and weighing 9.77 ounces (around 277 grams) without the batteries, TM06 is fitted with a stainless steel bezel ring to keep core components safe from harm and damage. Equipped with advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology and Precision Digital Optics Technology for improved reflector performance, the Tiny Monster has three different modes – strobe light, SOS signal and location beacon – and four brightness levels to live up to all your critical needs illumination-wise. With peak beam intensity of 28,000cd, TM06 boasts an impressive beam distance to the total length of 365 yards so checking out your surroundings from afar becomes a piece of cake. The tiny Nitecore flashlight has a tactical tail-cap switch and smart dual-stage side toggle for easy switching between different modes and brightness levels (with inevitable direct access to ultra-low and turbo outputs), and there’s also a convenient side-switch power indicator to display the remaining juice with reliable battery voltage accuracy of incredible 0.1V.

Juice-wise, Tiny Monster TM06 is powered by four high-capacity 3400mAh Nitecore 18650 batteries that can stand up to 500 recharge cycles. For fast and hassle-free battery top-ups, this cool beam comes with an i4 IntelliCharger that automatically detects battery status and picks the adequate voltage and charge mode. The charger has four independent charging channels and three color LED screens to display the recharge progress for each battery placed inside, but that’s not all: this super-smart device will immediately stop charging when the batteries are fully topped up to prevent potential overcharges, and it also boasts reliable over-discharge and reverse polarity protection features for your maximum use and charge safety.

In the box with your cool TM06 flashlight and i4 IntelliCharger, you’ll also get the Nitecore four-battery pack, a car adapter, one Lumen Tactical battery organizer, a quality holster and lanyard and a couple of spare O-rings. And the best part is, all this techie goodness comes with a sensible $290 price tag. Don’t dread the darkness and don’t ever run from conflict – whip out your Nitecore Tiny Monster TM06 and beat your fears and pesters every time.

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