No parking fees, no petrol queues, no traffic jams, no added carbon footprint, just the sheer joy of time- and wallet-friendly urban commuting on work days and well-balance recreation sessions over the weekends – yes, you’re right, we’re talking about the bicycle. Bikes sure are a great mode of transportation but what if you need a little extra something to round off your ideal cycling entertainment? Well, then, get yourself a HandleBand and have it all right there at the bars. Designed by American company well-known for their simple, innovative and functional problem-solving products Nite Ize in collaboration with inventor Daniel Haarburger, HandleBand is a universal bike mount that keeps your smartphone highly visible and easily accessible during even the rockiest of off-road rides.

Made from a lightweight stretchy silicone strap fixed to the aluminum base, HandleBand attaches to the bars of your bike, shopping cart or stroller to keep your smartphone safely in place, allowing you to view the display at all times and instantly access it whenever you feel like it. With its universal design, it will be an ideal fit for almost any bar out there (0.9-2.0 inches in diameter) and you can even position it any way it suits you best, either horizontally or perpendicularly, for maximum display visibility. Thanks to the high flexibility of the Split Strap, the HandleBand will work just fine with almost any smartphone (sizing 2.3×0.4 – 3.6×0.8 inches, with or without the case) and it can also be used for attaching other devices to your bike bars, such as pumps or flashlights.

Nite Ize Handleband universal smartphone mount

Once mounted, the HandleBand allows you to view and easily access all smartphone options during the ride, so you can keep a close watch of your ride maps, use training applications, play around with your video cam on the go, stay connected to your favorite online community or even use your phone flash as bike light at night – all by a simple tap of the touch screen, without the need to remove the phone from the bars every time you want to switch functions. Plus, the HandleBand aluminum base also works as a handy bottle opener when you need it most – now, that’s a neat twist to any bike accessory, isn’t it?

Simple, versatile and durable, HandleBand weighs as few as some 82 grams and it’s available in black or clear colors so it won’t blight your cycling style. Keep your biking safe and your most-loved tech as active as you are – get yourself a Nite Ize HandleBand and add a new dimension to your every ride.

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Nite Ize Handleband

Nite Ize Handleband Smartphone mount

Nite Ize Handleband

Universal Smartphone mount

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