If you’re trying to keep balance and cycling on a unicycle proved too difficult for you, then fret not, there is a modern take on a unicycle which, essentially, turns it into a unconventional electric powered scooter geared towards short-distance urban commutes. Chinese manufacturer Ninebot calls their invention One and it utilizes an intelligent system which balances itself automatically by using gyroscopes. Powered by a 16 inch ultra thin brushless motor which is fully sealed, makes One perfectly safe to be used during even bad weather conditions. This electric scooter is available in two versions depending on the energy capacity of its battery. The lithium battery is available in 83 Wh or 240 Wh which can be charged in 60 and 120 minutes, so choose whichever is more convenient for you.

Ninebot One power and mileage

This electric scooter achieve speeds of up to 13 mph and will get you around traffic jams

Its small size and decent battery life and maximum speed of 13 miles per hour make it perfect for urban commuters who would like to avoid traffic on their way to work. It can even be carried around easily as it weighs under 20 pounds and comes with an elastic polyurethane carrying handle. Storage also isn’t an issue because the pedals can be folded up. This feature also helps when carrying it. When it comes to the safety features it has a lot of them.

Ninebot One portability

The Ninebot One’s pedals can be folded for easier storage and transport

One is equipped with a triple safety alarm which uses sound, lights and vibrations that will make sure that your rides are completely safe. The alarm is set off when you are speeding, over-leaning, low on power,  when an internal malfunction occurs or if One happens to overheat. In order to keep track of the charging level, its location and other important info regarding One, you can use its companion app called Ninedroid.

Ninebot One use

The Ninebot One is perfect for urban commutes

Ninebot’s One is available in a wide array of vibrant colors so you can choose the one which suits your personal preferences best. This amazing modern spin on the traditional unicycle will make your urban commutes more enjoyable than ever.

Get it from Amazon here.

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Check out how the Ninebot One performs on the street.

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