The All-New Nike VaporMax


Nike has been a forerunner in producing top-notch sneakers, and running shoes. They even went as far to introduce air into the soles, and it has made all the difference in unique appearance, and, of course, performance. As a testament to tried and true methods, the Nike VaporMax definitely carries on with the legacy.

Designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and unique, the VaporMax borrows old trends with modern technologies. This means that we have a running shoe that does not compromise on comfort. It’s like you are truly walking on air.

Product shot of The All-New Nike VaporMax with clouds

Because of new technological advancements, the VaporMax has dropped the traditional midsole. This allows for a much more comfortable and lighter design.

Interestingly enough, due to technological and manufacturing enhancements, the VaporMax does not have a traditional midsole. This cuts down weight significantly. Traction is provided by the rigid teeth that can be found around each unit, meaning you’ll never slip a step. As for the upper, it comes with a complete Flyknit design that has been complimented with Flywire to give you extra support. Check out the video below.

Nike VaporMax side view

The breathable Flyknit ensemble, combined with a soft collar, and a flexible sole, makes the VaporMax a truly comfortable trainer.

It also features a thin plastic film where the Flyknit meets the sole; this is to keep your shoe dirt-free. In addition to this, a combination of a flexible sole, a soft collar, and a breathable upper, makes it a truly exceptional and comfortable running shoe.

Man wearing the Nike VaporMax

Comfort, without disregarding sophistication, makes the Nike VaporMax truly unique.

At the moment, the Grey VaporMax is limited to 400 pairs across Australia, which makes them a very collectible item. However, Nike is releasing a similar version that comes with red swoosh and Flywire accents that are dubbed the “OG”.

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