If the security of your home is a big deal for you, but you just can’t afford professional security companies to maintain a security system in your home, then you should turn to simple and effective solutions. One such solution is the Nest Cam, the latest product made by smart home appliance company Nest. The Nest Cam allows you to stream 1080p HD videos on your phone from anywhere you place your camera, be it your living room, garage or kitchen. The setup of the camera takes around a minute to complete after which you will have a 130° wide­-angle view with zoom capabilities. Apart from using it for security reasons, this camera can be a perfect nanny or pet cam.

Nest Cam Features

The Nest Cam is easy to set up for one reason. Its stand is magnetic, so placing it on vertical metallic surfaces is very easy but you can also hook it up on any kind of wall, place it on a flat surface and even use it with any type of tripod. The Nest Cam uses an excellent alert system which delivers a notification on your Nest app every time there is a sound or movement in the room where the cam is placed. This way, you can immediately check out what is going on and act accordingly.

Nest Cam setup

The Nest Cam is very easy to set up no matter where you decide to place it

This camera is also equipped with night vision which gives it even more value, especially if you have kids and use it as a nanny cam. At any given time, while you are checking the video stream, you have the option of activating the microphone in the Nest Cam. Your family dog is rummaging through the kitchen? Just press the button, and tell your house pet that he is a very bad boy. Nest also offers the Nest Aware, a paid monthly subscription program which gives your Nest software more features like: video history, alert summery, video editing options and the activity zone feature which lets you mark areas that you want to pay close attention to.

Nest Cam video stream and alert system

The alert system will go off any time there is movement and noise, so you can access the stream in no time

Nest Cam Synergy

As Nest offers several smart home appliances, you can use them all together from the Nest app. The Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect can work in unison with the Nest Cam. If your Nest Protect detects smoke, the Nest Cam can turn itself on and notify you so you can check out what’s going on. As for the Nest Thermostat, after you set its status to “away” or “home”, the Nest cam will turn itself on and off.

Nest Cam Nest Aware features

Nest Aware offers many features, the video history being just one of them

Small in size and with amazing video quality, this security camera can make up for the lack of a professional security system in your home thanks to its instant alert system, night vision and wide-angle view.

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Check out this video about the Nest Cam.

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