Néit | World’s First Smart, Collapsible Hard Case Luggage


Néit is a smart four wheeled luggage that you can collapse when not needed. This hard case luggage does a great job at protecting your valuable items and when collapsed, the size of it reduces to just 3 inches.

When you’re traveling, you need a luggage that can fit all your necessities but the problem appears when you’re not using it. Suitcases are difficult to store, especially if you live in a smaller space. Néit has an innovative feature that allows you to save space by reducing the case to 30% of its original volume. It comes in two sizes- Checked (90l, 10lbs) and Cabin (38l, 6.5lbs).

Néit Luggage GPS Feature

Néit is a collapsible hard case luggage that’s GPS enabled.

It’s really simple to collapse the case and it takes around 10 seconds to do so. There are plenty of options for storage when you’re not using the suitcase. You can place it under your bed or couch and with carabiner-style handle, you can easily hang it. The handle is also very practical because it allows you to clip additional bags onto in when you’re on the road.

Collapsing Néit Suitcase

You can collapse the case when not using it and the size will reduce to just 3 inches.

Néit is made from polycarbonate and has aircraft grade aluminum frame that makes the suitcase lightweight but extremely durable. The look of the case is based on the armadillo’s shell, one of the strongest natural armours found in nature. Néit follows new IATA cabin bag and airline regulations. It has four revolving spinner wheels that can be removed when storing the case and a locking system for security.

A Guy Carrying Néit Suitcase On The Street

Néit Suitcase is lightweight, durable and has four revolving wheels.

Néit is GPS-enabled and you can track your luggage through a travel app. It not only makes sure your possessions don’t get lost, the app provides you with useful information like storing your boarding pass, booking additional flights and hotels, checking the status of your flight and mapping your route from the airport to the hotel.

Néit App

You can use an app to track your luggage and get all sort of useful information.

Check out this video to see Néit in action. 

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