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At the ripe ‘old’ age of 28 and six years after starting the famous Virgin Group, the owner of the Virgin brand and the 4th wealthiest citizen of the United Kingdom, Richard Branson (or Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson to you) made a brilliant business decision to purchase the uninhabited Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands for only £175,000, although the island’s estimated worth was nearly £3 million.

The Government of the British Virgin Islands allowed Branson to purchase Necker Island on condition that he developed a resort there within five years. And that’s exactly what he did, despite having relatively modest capital at the time.

Today, this 300,000 square-metre (74 acres) island is his exclusive hideaway, as well as an exotic destination for relaxation breaks, weddings (Google’s co-founder Larry Page married his girlfriend Lucy Southworth there), and water sports enthusiasts.

Necker Island can entertain up to 28 people and you can rent it out at the price of $62,000 a day. Apart from a slice of tropical heaven, what else do you get for the $62,000? You get two private beaches, tennis courts, a wide selection of water-sports equipment, personal chefs, swimming pools, and, of course, stunning views. Of course, there are exclusive spa treatments, and, should you feel really adventurous, you could hop into an aero-submarine called Necker Nymph, and travel 100 feet below the ocean’s surface.

In 2011, the island’s Great House perished in a fire which was caused by a lightning from a tropical storm. All of the guests escaped uninjured, including actress Kate Winslet, and Branson’s mother Eve and daughter Holly.

By the way, do you know the story how Richard Branson became rich? Surprisingly, he credits a lot of his success to “enormous amounts of luck” (one of the important ingredients of becoming successful, so he claims), working virtually 24/7, and moving quickly.

But the truth is that Branson left school at 16 to set up ‘Student’ magazine, and at the age of 17, established his first charity called ‘The Student Valley Centre’. He then travelled across La Manche, and bought thousands of ‘cut-out’ records from discount shops which he subsequently sold through his mail-order business. This later evolved into hugely successful Virgin Records. And the rest is history…. watch video below

Aerial view of Necker Island

Aerial view of Necker Island

Hobie Cats lined up on the beach at Necker Island

Dining and lounge table at Necker Island

Necker Island - Richard Branson's Private Island

Patio with a view of the ocean at Necker Island

Bedroom decor at Necker Island private resort

Bed in a bedroom at Necker Island

Spa massage center at Necker Island

Sushi lined up on a plate

Necker Nymph submarine at Necker Island

Infinity pool and bar at Necker Island

Sandy beach with a view of the sunset at Necker Island

Necker Island at night

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