There are numerous smartphone apps which learn your current speed through a GPS receiver inside your phone. Then you just place your phone atop your dashboard and, provided that the light is at the right angle and that the placement is good (i.e. the shape of your dashboard), you can see the speed projected on your windscreen. The idea of Navdy comes from a highly practical heads-up display that can be found in fighter jet planes where getting information quickly and clearly is of paramount importance.

Some highly expensive cars started offering this feature, but Navdy is a product that provides you with this and so much more. The ‘more’ is actually allowing you to do some of the stuff that is otherwise illegal while driving. You can actually text and call without getting a fine.

Navdy heads up display HUD

You simply place the Navdy onto your dashboard and you get all you want projected in front of you. Cool, right. Using it beats using any other similar device. It has its own app which allows you to use voice recognition and hand gestures – when you have an incoming call you can actually use a thumb-up gesture to accept it. Using voice recognition, you can type statuses, twitter updates or text messages while you are driving without taking your eyes off the road and still having perfect control of your online activities. And do we need to say how cool it is to have your navigation screen right on your windscreen? Well, not exactly on your windscreen. It is a bit different and this is probably one of the best features of the Navdy. The projector projects the image to the plastic see-through display, but it is projected with a focus that makes it look like it is 6.5 feet in front of you. There is no need to focus on it, just look in front of you naturally.

The price of the Navdy will be $299, but having in mind all of the accessories it replaces and how elegantly it does all that, we have to say that it is actually affordable.

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