Natural Cedar Organic Garden Table


Growing your own food and herbs has a lot of benefits. It can save you money, you’ll avoid pesticides and get healthy organic food. Also, gardening can be very relaxing and if you’re a passionate cook, you’ll always have fresh herbs at hand. Natural Cedar Organic Garden Table is a great thing that will make gardening easy and fun.

This garden table is made from natural aging wood and it’s 35 inches tall. This is the perfect height for several reasons. Firstly, it allows gardeners to tend to their plants while standing since it’s just up to the waist level. Also, it’ll keep pets, rabbits and other pests out of the garden. On each side of the table there’s a tiny shelf that can be a perfect space for tools and garden supplies.

Natural Cedar Organic Garden Table

This wooden garden table is 35 inches tall and is suitable for deep root vegetables.

The Cedar Garden Table is very durable and has a solid sturdy construction. Planting depth is 16″ which means this table is suitable for deep root vegetables. Bottom slats allow drainage and the table weighs 53 pounds. You can place it anywhere in your backyard, deck, porch or patio and because of its easy access it’s also handicap accessible. The dimensions of this table are 48″ L x 36″ W x 35″ H.

Assembling the Natural Cedar Organic Garden Table is very easy since it comes with pre-drilled holes and you get the bolts and screws. If you want to create a small greenhouse, there’s a plastic cover made for this garden table. It’s very useful for creating a micro-climate and protecting this small garden from pests.

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