Native Union’s Dual Port Charger | Is What We All Need In Our Lives


Until our dreams of true wireless charging have been realized, we are still bound by cables and ports. We are all familiar with the annoyance of being kicked of a charger because somebody else needs the port. Well, thanks to the Native Union Dual Port Smart Charger that will never be the case again!

Designed to halve your hassles, and double your charging capabilities, the Smart Charger is just what you need.

Native Union Charger in a wall

The vertical access allows for a smaller, space saving charger, that can charge two devices simultaneously.

Instead of having to share your charger, the Smart Charger combines two individual universal USB-A ports. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and tablets. It also features high speed charging. To high speed charge, it uses smart IC technology that auto-detects your device’s input to always charge at the maximum speed. This also means that it can charge with 3.1A at its maximum, or 2.4A per port.

Native Union Charger in guy's pocket

With foldable power points, the Smart Charger can easily fit into your pocket. This makes it perfect for traveling.

Furthermore, the Smart Charger comes with a super slim and compact design. At only 12mm thick, it’s pocket sized, and perfect for all of your travels. It also features Over-Current Protection (OCP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP) and Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) to ensure that your device is always safe.

The Smart Charger also saves a lot of space since both ports are accessed vertically. It also comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Get it from Amazon here.

Native Union Dual Port Charger with USB attached.

Compact, smart in design, and double the charging capabilities. What’s not to love?

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