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If you’re planning a getaway, what better to do than to drive around in a campervan, explore and have a comfy place to stay at. But owning one is not actually the cheapest option and if you’re not using it often for camping, it will just sit in your garage. This is why Native Campervans, a rental company from Denver, decided to help you rent a fully equipped van perfect for your next Rocky Mountains weekend.

You can choose between a bigger and a smaller van. The Biggie fits two people to sit and sleep and it’s a Ram ProMaster 136” High Roof model. Inside, you’ll find a kitchen with a sink, 2 burner stainless steel propane stove and a refrigerator. All the cooking essentials are included as well, like cutlery, pans, pots and plates, trash can and a French press.

a guy standing in a van

Native Campervans allow you to rent a fully furnished van for a two week Rocky Mountains adventure.

The center of this camper van is reserved for a small living room that has a bench, a convertible dining table, chargers and storage space like drawers and cupboards. The bed comes with a queen memory foam mattress, blankets, sheets, and pillows. You can choose to get extras included like a bike carrier, hammock, tent, sleeping bag, GPS or inflatable SUP.

two people in a van looking out the window

You can choose between two models, the bigger one and a smaller one.

The smaller van can seat five people and 2 can sleep inside. It’s perfect for adventure weeks with your friends, as it comes with a fully equipped kitchen and other necessities like blankets and pillows.

the inteiror of a Native Campervan

Both vans can fit 2 people to sleep.

Besides the rental of the van itself, you’ll also receive a tour guide for the best hot springs, hiking trails, campsites, restaurants, bars and wilderness areas. A two-week plan includes visiting several locations. You’ll have parking reserved for all of them.

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three images of Native Campervans interior

There’s a functional kitchen inside and plenty of storage options.

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