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Since 1888, at its first publication, National Geographic has been there to enlighten the masses to facts about our amazing world. Its original mission was to reveal the wonders of science, history, and culture all around the globe. They also understood that knowledge is power. Now, you can view some of their best infographics, from the past 128 years, in their latest hardcover. Introducing National Geographic Infographics.

Essentially, this book contains the best infographics from the National Geographic archives and it is a true history to knowledge.

This is a new anthology between Taschen and National Geographic that covers seven sections of human knowledge.

National Geographic Infographics page about sleep

This book features 480 pages of knowledge that spans for the last 128 years.

These sections are History, The Planet, Being Human, Animal World, World of Plants, Science and Technology, and Space. It covers everything from the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, to Cleopatra’s Alexandria, and even the peculiar origins of the Easter Island Statues. All of this is available to you in stunning graphic form.

National Geographic Infographics page about time

It covers everything from history to being human and much more.

They also go further into how our genetics shape us, and the world around us. Even going so far as to how Hip-Hop emerged as a cultural phenomenon. It also includes our expanding knowledge of an expanding Universe, and how global warming is affecting us.

National Geographic Infographics page about bird migration

It even delves deeper into the natural world around us. Besides, it is a tome of essential knowledge.

This book also includes an essay by Nigel Holmes, as well as four fold-outs that pay homage to the original inserts that were found in the National Geographic magazines. Essentially, it is a record of some of the best-known publications that are delivered in a beautiful style of discovery and learning.

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National Geographic Infographics page on the history of skis

National Geographic Infographics page on being human

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