Camping is nothing without the closest people in your life with whom you can share many outdoor experiences, but it can also be nothing if you don’t have the adequate tent for all of you. Sure, everybody can bring their own, but to spend quality time with your friends, you will need a spacious tent. Napier, the world’s largest manufacturer of vehicle tents has just the thing for you, the SportZ 82000 SUV Tent. With more than enough room on its own, this tent features a detachable vehicle sleeve which is used to re-purpose the cargo area of your SUV into additional storage space for your tent, additional sleeping room or just give you quick and easy access to the devices you have charging in your car.

Features of the SportZ 82000 SUV Tent

SportZ 82000 SUV Tent detachable vehicle sleeve

The detachable vehicle sleeve gives you the option of increasing the already spacious SportZ tent

The question all campers want to know the answer to about any tent is how difficult it is to set it up. In this case, it is very simple. The designers have made sure of this by color-coding the fiberglass and steel poles so you don’t have to waste time thinking about what goes where. As for the space it offers, the tent on its own, without the vehicle attachment, measures 9 x 9 feet with 7 feet of headroom at the center and 6 feet at the corners.

SportZ 82000 SUV Tent increased space

The additional space can be used for sleeping and storage

Count in the added space from the trunk of your SUV and you have room for everything, so don’t worry about having to pack light on your next camping trip. The detachable vehicle sleeve is easily placed, and it stays firmly on, preventing even the smallest insects from crawling in. This tent is also weather resistant as all windows have storm flaps on them plus the entire tent can be covered with the attached full-length rainfly.

Which SUVs is This Tent Suitable For

SportZ 82000 SUV Tent rainfly

This tent is equipped with a full-length rainfly so you can stay dry in very bad weather

Now, the only troublesome thing about this tent is that you have to consider your purchase depending on your SUV. If your SUV has barn doors, sadly, you will not be able to utilize this model and you will have to look for a larger one. On the upside, it can be used with SUVs with camper shells as long as the height of the vehicle is not greater than 80 inches.

SportZ 82000 SUV Tent ground tent

This tent can be used as a simple (but large) ground tent

Napier SportZ 82000 SUV Tent is a very versatile one due to its ability to transition from a ground tent into a vehicle and tent combo for added space. You will be glad to know that this tent comes in an expandable bag for easy storage and transport.

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