If you simply can’t get your fingers off the screen of your favorite mobile device but never seem to have a pair of comfy touchscreen gloves close at hand for those dire tapping needs in the most freezing of wintertime moments, we have just the right piece of good news for you right here: with Nanotips, your fingers will stay 100% frost-bite free and in efficient contact with the screen 24/7 anytime, anywhere. So, what’s this Nanotips thingie exactly? Let’s find out!

Invented by Canadian creator Tony Yu who set out to devise a smart way to turn any pair of gloves or hand warmers into touchscreen-friendly accessories, Nanotips is in fact a semi-permanent tonic – a liquid polyamide solution conjured up using advanced nanotechnology, to be precise – that applies to the fingertips of any pair of gloves by means of an included brush in just three simple steps (shake the bottle, paint the touchscreen fingertip and then air- or blow-dry for a few minutes).

How to use Nanotips and how it works

Available in Blue (for fabric gloves) and Black (for leather, nylon, neoprene or rubber gloves), Nanotips will transform your favorite pair of fingerwear into touchscreen-compatible fashion accessory regardless of the material used to make the gloves and keep your fingers warm. Once applied, the touch-sensitive conductive coating will stay on for two to four weeks depending on the intensity of use and frequency of washing routines.

Nanotips touch sreen motorcycle gloves

But that’s not all: there’s an extra knack to this smart fluid because apart from turning your regular gloves into touchscreen-sensitive ones, Nanotips can also be used with some other fingerlike extensions like prosthetic hands and similar items you decide use as screen styluses. This means you’ll be able to tap away and scroll endlessly on your tablet, iPad, smartphone or smartwatch if you apply just a drop of two of the smart solution to almost any article you can think of or have at hand. When the sensitive coating wears off, simply repeat the application procedure and continue using your mobile device with gloves on – now, is that convenient or what?


Delivered in a nail polish-like bottle with a handy applicator brush, the smart fluid will not damage your gloves, but you should be careful with the Nanotips black liquid as its excessive use may lead to slight discoloration of the glove fabric at the touchscreen contact point. Each bottle of the Nanotips solution packs enough liquid to cover the tips of 20-30 fingers, and the solution’s also waterproof so you can still keep using your gloves should the whimsical elements take a turn to the rainy, sleety or snowy. Intrigued? Then head over to Amazon, place your order today and indulge your fingers in tons of mobile touchscreen fun at an incredible price of just $19.99 per bottle. [via]

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Nanotips to transform any glove into a touchscreen friendly glove

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