A company located in Delaware decided to make one of your dreams come true. They produced the MVP Aero! It is one of those things your imagination creates when it goes wild – an amphibious sea plane. Nope, not even sky is the limit anymore. This thing exists in reality and the only futuristic thing about it is its beautiful design.

So, if you want to go somewhere, no matter where it is, you could sit in the MVP Aero Model 3 with one more person and head there without waiting for a bus, plane, boat or anything. This small, but big enough to help you get away from it all, can land both on water and land, which means there hardly are any places it could not reach. Besides traveling, it offers you the possibility to sit back and relax in the environment you have just conquered. Namely, it has a hammock between the cabin and tail and the roof is removable, so that you can absolutely enjoy cruising a river or a lake. MVP Aero also features a 100 hp engine, which will allow you to fly at the speed of 104 knots (120 mph).

With MVP Aero, the phrase “to go your own way” gets a totally new dimension and to get to know how it feels, you will need to prepare about $189,000, which is the expected price. Although it might sound a bit too much, it surely is not, because this essentially is a 3-in-1 vehicle and the amount of awesomeness it provides is indescribable. watch the video below

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MVP Aero amphibious plane

MVP Aero aircraft

MVP Aero

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