Must-Have Decor Accessories in the Home

The home is like a secret haven and escapes place which people tend to decorate depending on their personality, color preferences, and styles. The choice of décor items helps to improve the beauty of a home and make it pretty comfortable.

Choosing the right décor item can be a pretty difficult task because most people do not know the right accessories to buy. Here are some of the home accessories to invest in from the Koala Living furniture store.


Decorating your living room with a couch can either make the environment look bright or a little dull. The size of the living room determines the size of the sofa to go for which can range from two to seven seats. If there is still space in the living room, adding some ottomans can improve the sophisticated décor in the home.

Art decorative

A piece of art helps to add beauty to the walls, side tables, and other small corners in the home that looks dead. These pieces of artwork can equally be put in the living room, bedroom, study, and foyer area.

When choosing the artwork pieces, pay attention to the color detail (color of the accessory and the wall where it will be hung). Go in for more contemporary designs to give the area a classic, luxurious, and sophisticated touch.


Though lightings help in brightening the home as a basic function, they also serve as a decorative item. Installing a combination of task and decorative lighting improves the beauty of the home. Go for LED lighting in the environmentally-friendly home as they help in preserving energy and are more durable.

For the foyer and living room sections, go for big chandeliers depending on how big the apartment is. For bedroom areas, soft lighting will be a suitable and bright light for the study and kitchen areas.


Rugs help to highlight the look of the room, adding a glamorous look to the area. Koala living furniture store has a wide variety of rugs that come in different fabrics, sizes, and shapes.
Kashmiri rugs are ideal for classic décor themes while fur gives the area a contemporary look. It is all about playing with colors and finding what matches one’s décor needs.


Houseplants also pass a décor item while helping to clean up the air in the home, making it feel fresh. The small plants can gild the window areas in your home and the big ones make some dead corners feel lively. Placing these houseplants on the balcony or porch can greatly change the look of that area.


Tall, small or wide, vases are timeless decorative items that beautify the home. People, who choose to go in for vases, can never go wrong with them. Homeowners can choose them in different colors or transparent and put some natural or artificial flowers in them. These vases are a fascinating means of filling up empty spaces in the home.


Mirrors serve more than just their basic functions but can add some beauty to the living, dining, or bedroom. Placing these mirrors in some dead areas can bring out the beauty of the home, reflecting the light while making it look brighter and more spacious. These decorative mirrors can be gotten in the form of word, metallic or carved wall art.

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