Enjoying music on any other type of audio device just does not have the same feeling as when you listen to your vinyl collection on your very own turntable. We have, on several occasions, featured Crosley’s amazing portable turntables and other audio equipment. However, although we hold Crosley in high regard, other companies have to offer quite good turntables as well. One such turntable is the Music Hall MMF 2.2 Turntable, made by Music Hall LLC a company with thirty years of experience in manufacturing high quality audio equipment.

The first thing that you will notice about the MMF 2.2 is that it was designed in a minimalist way. This works pretty well for it and in combination with the high gloss finish, this turntable looks terrific and will fit nicely in your home. This appearance is further enhanced with its amazing see-through dust cover, which is included with all Music Hall turntables.

Music Hall MMF 2.2 high gloss look

The high gloss finish makes the Music Hall MMF 2.2 Turntable look amazing

Apart from having a dazzling appearance the Music Hall MMF 2.2 Turntable is fully geared towards delivering the best sound quality. It was equipped with special vibration damping feet so there is no noise messing up your enjoyment. Its high precision stainless steel and bronze bearing provides you with ultra quiet fluid operation. The MMF 2.2 has a one piece alloy tonearm for excellent tracking and a low noise belt drive design, which is fully manual.

Music Hall MMF 2.2 cartridge

The MMF 2.2 has a pre-mounted moving magnet phono cartridge

The elliptical stylus of this turntable is easily replaceable, so you don’t have to worry when the need for it arises. The best part of the MMF 2.2 is Music Hall’s moving magnet phono cartridge which comes pre-mounted and adequately aligned. This is a two speed turntable capable of playing your records at 33 and 45 RPM. The entire turntable is made from the best materials and components, which is why the RCA connectors are gold and the platter is made of alloy and has a felt mat on top.

Music Hall MMF 2.2

Its vibration damping feet and stainless steel and bronze bearing allow for an ultra quite performance

Available in three colors: ferrari red, high gloss black and white, the Music Hall MMF 2.2 Turntable is the perfect turntable for you home. It would be a shame to use this beautiful piece of audio equipment outdoors, so please do not, instead look for something more specifically geared for that kind of use.

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