Mugu House In The Californian Hills

Just fifty miles away from Los Angeles, on a peaceful Malibu hillside location stands Mugu House. Malka Architecture firm decided that it would be the perfect spot for their new studio. As a result, you have a building constructed with zero impact on existing topography.

That’s right, this house is an ecological project. The goal was for it to blend with the rocks and vegetation, which it surely did. The building is lightweight and made from prefabricated alveolar concrete. Speaking of this material, it uses locally sourced ingredients such as sand and aggregates. The cement content is very low meaning that the construction reduced CO2 emissions by an impressive 28 times when compared to traditional concrete.

exterior of Mugu House

Mugu House is nestled in a coastal hillside region of Mugu Point California. It represents the new Malka Architecture studio.

two images of Mugu House exterior

The house was built respecting the surrounding environment and has a minimal impact on it.

Thanks to this lightweight material, they were able to install the house manually, with no hassle and little time. The rocks are found in almost every room, blending in with the interior. The structure itself has a horizontal landscape and provides views of the ocean panorama. The wooden sunscreens on the exterior give the house a geometrical touch resembling the triangular Amerindian tribal pattern.

wooden triangular sunscreens

Wooden sunscreens are found throughout all of the exterior and were inspired by Amerindian tribal patterns.

The rooms inside are large and furnished with colorful and mostly wooden elements. The pillows and carpets have traditional American patterns. According to Malka Architecture “the house revisits the original shelter’s myth with a vernacular dialogue with the mountain, and embodies a return to the roots of the American Continent.” [via]

Mugu House interior

The concrete used for the construction have reduced CO2 emissions and the ecological footprint.

two images of Mugu House interior

The house provides views of the ocean and is decorated with simple and colorful details.

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