Now, please, bear with us while we try to explain to you what an ass saver is. No, it is not as crude or obscene as you might think, but it is a rather practical little thing that will save you a lot of trouble when riding a bicycle. Ass Saver is actually an emergency bicycle mudguard which keeps you (or rather your posterior) protected from spray while riding.

The mudguard has been developed by five designers from Gothenburg, Sweden, which is considered the wettest town in Sweden.

If you are using your bike on a daily basis or to commute to work, and you live in a rainy climate, we strongly advise that you get yourself one of these clever contraptions. Ass Savers are made from recycled materials, they are extremely lightweight (they add no aero drag), they are the perfect fit for the rails of your saddle, you don’t need any tools to install them, and once you are done with using them, you simply fold them up and put them under your bike’s saddle until next time you need to guard your derriere from mud or rain. Ass Saver fits close to 80% of all standard bicycle saddles, apart from Brooks’ saddles.

Professional racers will like this product too, particularly in wet road races. You don’t even feel you are wearing it since it is horizontally positioned in the slipstream of the rider’s body. Ass Saver is a simple, ingenious and rather minimalist fender, a bit different to other clip-on fenders like RaceBlade, yet as effective and practical. One word of advice when using Ass Saver – the more it is tilting downwards, the less protection it offers.

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