The MTNApproach is a very effective snowboard system that alleviates the biggest problems that accompany snow adventures and yet does not diminish the pleasure. The system consists of two foldable skis that can be placed into a special pack and other essentials such as probe, touring poles and shovel, all neatly packed.

MTNApproach system enables you to ride different boards and maximize the experience, but also keeping their uphill performance at a respectable level and decreasing fatigue. This comes from a special system that includes foldable skis and not the splitboard. The lightweight skis have permanently attached nylon skins and they both fit into a special backpack when you are descending. This way you can use the board you like without sacrificing skinning performance.

MTN Approach System 6

The bindings are made of aluminum and rubber and they feature a collapsible heel loop all of which keep your feet fully secured and surprisingly comfortable during tiring backcountry riding. Additionally, the toe strap and heelcup can be adjusted separately, so your feet are sure to be firmly and comfortably held. Another great feature is the 70mm heel elevator that is easily adjustable using only the handle of a pole.

MTN Approach System 1

After storing the skis, riding down is scarcely affected by the additional weight due to the facts that the skis weigh only 9lbs and that they are placed very close to your back thus minimizing their influence.

The MTNApproach enables you to use your favorite snowboarding equipment, but also enjoy more efficient uphill climbs. They are easy to use, very practical and the included backpack will help you enjoy the snow by reducing the hindering features that almost inevitably accompany such adventures. watch video below

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