MSR Flylite | 2-Person Trekking Pole Tent


Having a good tent is the key for successful camping.  MSR Flylite is a minimalist backpacking tent that takes advantage of tracking poles you already have with you, to make pitching the tent easier.

It uses standard trekking poles and is ideal for hikers and backpackers who already carry them. You’ll be surprised just how quickly you’ll pitch it.

This tent is made with MSR technology, to save weight and be as light as possible. It’s fully enclosed so you will get privacy and a chance to protect yourself from bugs. MSR Flylite weighs a ridiculous 1 lb 9 oz and has a great volume-to-weight ratio. This way you won’t have a problem carrying it, and yet get a good and comfortable sleep.

A guy pitching MSR Flylite 2-Person Tent

MSR Flylite is very easy and quick to pitch.

The front side of MSR Flylite 2-Person Trekking Pole Tent

You can use existing trekking poles to pitch it.

It’s made from super light 10-denier coated fabric, so you don’t have to worry about protection. It has a large venting door that will make entering the tent easy. Awning with side wings will keep the water from entering through the door.

A guy camping in MSR Flylite 2-Person Trekking Pole Tent

MSR FlyLite is made for two, or for one person carrying a lot of stuff.

Inside, you’ll get 29 square feet of space, so two can share it, or one person with a lot of stuff. Condensation isn’t a problem with this tent since the large door has a vent to minimize condensation and increase airflow. If comfort and weight are important to you, this tent is an excellent choice.

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To learn more about MSR Flylite, check out this video:

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