Wouldn’t it be nice if your warm relaxing shower was accompanied by the sound of soothing music in the background, making you feel like you were in a five-star hotel? If you don’t want to be entertained by your own echoing voice in the shower any longer, consider having Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker installed.

Moxie is produced by Kohler, and it can deliver up to seven hours of continuous music, news or entertainment by connecting wirelessly with your device enabled with Bluetooth up to ten metres away. One of the best features of Moxie showerhead and wireless speaker is that you can easily remove it, recharge it (it has a regular lithium-ion battery) and use it wherever you want it to – in the kitchen, at the beach, at the swimming pool…. A USB cable is included. Moxie also comes in five vibrant colours – Navy Blue, Chartreuse, Retro Blue, Cherry Red and Original White.

The showerhead is very easy to install and the wireless speaker is magnetic so it easily slots in. Moxie’s sprayface has 60 angled nozzles for an energizing and enveloping spray.

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Moxie Showerhead Wireless Speaker by Kohler

Side view of the Moxie Showerhead Wireless Speaker by Kohler

Steps to connecting the Moxie Showerhead Wireless Speaker by Kohler

Moxie Showerhead Wireless Speaker by Kohler Commercial

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