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If you are thinking about becoming a photographer, then you should know about a couple of tips and tricks which are very important in this line of work. What sets apart amateur photographers from professional ones is knowing to properly use all of the tools at your disposal. One such tool is a grey card. Although quite simple, this tool can make a world of difference when it comes to precisely setting the colors of your images. In order to achieve this precision, you will need the Movo Photo White/Balance Card Set which includes a white, black and neutral grey card, available in three different sizes.

Small grey card

The pocket-sized gray card offers a lot of utility due to its size

The Movo Photo White/Balance Card Set is a great alternative to homemade grey cards as most people make a critical mistake when they use a slightly reflective surface for their cards. This can be counterproductive because you will lose the advantage a grey card gives you. A grey card is used in quite a simple way. You either hold it in front of your subject while taking the photos or you can have your subject hold it. After taking the image, the grey card will make the retouching process much easier as you will be able to adjust the white balance in no time. Your photos will look more professional and they should, especially if you want to make a living as a photographer.

Medium grey card

This set includes a white, black and neutral grey card

The Movo Photo White/Balance Card Set is available in three sizes: small (pocket-sized measuring 3.25 x 2″), medium (index card sized, 5 x 4″) and large (full size, 8 x 10″), and you should pick them according to your preference. The best part about this card set is that it is not obscenely priced like some grey cards are and they are more reliable than homemade ones. So don’t wait to long, grab a card set and start making professional level photographs.

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Large grey card

This set is a must-have for all would-be photographers

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