Imagine this scene: you’re watching the last episode of your favorite sitcom on your home PC and suddenly your phone goes buzz. It’s a text from your ex deploring you to talk things over and get back together. What will you do? Should you watch the episode to the end or immediately reply to your ex and keep the chatter up despite the intriguing plot finale on the PC screen? Well, actually, now you can do both, and at the same time, too – with Mountie by Ten One Design, you can use your mobile device as an electronic communication accessory as you’re working or watching videos on your computer without having to interrupt whatever you’re doing to check your smartphone inbox. And how does this Mountie thingie work exactly? Here’s the how.

Clip to attach tablet or smarphone to screen

Designed as a simple two-sided clip with a strong snap clamp, a vertical support strip and padded rubberized grips that easily attaches to the laptop display, Mountie can hold almost any mobile device safely in place next to the computer screen, allowing you to see and access multiple displays at the same time. Compatible mainly with Apple products such as iPhone 4 and above, iPad Air 1 and 2 and all iPad mini devices, Mountie clip can be mounted to any MacBook and iMac made after 2012. It will also work well with any other tablet or phone between 5.0 and 9.0 millimeters in thickness, letting you enjoy lengthy FaceTime video chats, watch over your Twitter or Facebook newsfeed, exchange iMessages with your loved ones or even stage a live recording session with your online friends from across the globe – and believe it or not, with this cool gizmo you can do all that at a convenient eye-level, without having to move any part of your body save for your pupils.

Clip to attach tablet or smarphone to screen

Small enough to fit in a suitcase, pocket or bag, Mountie is super-safe, incredibly strong and surprisingly snug fit-wise so you shouldn’t worry about your mounted gadgets falling off the laptop screen or hanging loosely off the monitor. In the box with your Mountie clip, you will also receive a set of swappable insert grips purpose-designed for different Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and tablets. This means that the cool little gizmo provides near-universal compatibility for a host of mobile gadgets, so you’re all covered whatever your mobile device of preference may be.

Compact, miniature and lightweight, Mountie will go everywhere you go, no strings, cords or wires attached, allowing you to take your multitasking skills to a whole new level. Available in green or blue, Mountie will start shipping in February, so place your order ASAP and enjoy a lifetime of convenient multitasking across displays as soon as your new screen mount arrives. [via]

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