With the winter approaching fast and heavy snows straight ahead, we have just the right piece of sports gear after the taste of avid surfers and keen snowboarders – with the new Mountain Surfer by Jones Snowboards, you can carve, shred and slash all the white winter waves you can take!

Created to provide a fresh and creative perspective on snowboarding, the Mountain Surfer is a cool new all-wood board with a simplified setup handcrafted by well-known surfboard builder Chris Christenson who sought the inspiration for his latest masterpiece in the well-established speed-focused surfboard design. Unlike other standard snowboards available on the market, the Mountain Surfer replaces classic foot bindings by two removable contoured metal boot hooks placed on the outside edges of the regular snowboard stance which deliver improved board control and traction on the slope. To deliver a surf-like feel on the snow, the base of the Mountain Shredder is neatly contoured and features a subtly tapered concave board channel, a verse rocker and convex nose. This means that you can safely perform all your sans-bindings ollies, carves and slashes on snowy mountainsides regardless of your skill level and previous snowboarding experience. Furthermore, this original piece of snowboard gear comes with a foam traction pad for maximum stability and a leash outfitted with a large carabiner clip for ultimate portability.

The gorgeous 139 centimeter-long snowboard can be yours for just $349, so head over to the Jones Snowboards website for more details. Ideal for kids, amateur riders and snowboarding pros, Christenson’s new board will definitely take your snow-shredding experience to a whole new level. Get yourself a Mountain Surfer; go surf the slopes this winter. watch video below

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