Japanese outdoor clothing and gear designer Setsumasa Kobayashi created a little piece of heaven.

He made a mountain cottage in Ogawayama, Japan’s most popular climbing area located between Yamanashi and Nagano.

This place is surrounded by a forest and is a perfect retreat from the urban city and a way to connect with nature.

A glass dome bedroom of a mountain cottage in Ogawayama Japan

This glass dome is actually a bedroom.

Glass dome bedroom of a mountain cottage in Japan

In this room, you can sleep surrounded by the stars.

Outdoor bathtub in a mountain cottage in Japan

As well as an indoor bathtub, there is also an outdoor one.

In the early 2000’s Setsumasa Kobayashi went to Phish Festival in Limestone, Maine and saw a campground with around 60,000 attendees. In that brief time, they all lived surrounded by nature and it was then when he got an idea to make something similar and recreate that feeling. His good friend and architect Shin Ohori helped him build it in 2008. This was also a good opportunity for him to try out outdoor-themed goods his company made.

Mountain cottage kitchen

The cottage has a spacious kitchen.

Living room area in mountain cottage in Japan

The kitchen is connected with a big living room area.

Outdoor gear

The cottage has many outdoor-themed products that Setsumasa Kobayashi’s company makes.

Cottage bathroom

The bathroom has big glass windows where you can take a bath practically being outside.

This secretive getaway is highly functional and has everything you would possibly need for living in the mountains. It has a big kitchen, both indoor and outdoor bathtubs and a very special bedroom. The bedroom is actually a geometric dome made out of glass, where you can sleep surrounded by the stars. The cottage also has a huge porch with a set of chairs and a table. Just down the hill is a private fire pit.

Mountain cottage fire pit

There is a path leading to a private fire pit.

Setsumasa Kobayashi sitting next to a fire pit

This is the place perfect for enjoying the beautiful forest landscape.

Setsumasa Kobayashi Sitting On The Porch In His Cottage

This cottage also has a big porch.

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