Fans of survival gear and versatile vehicles, rejoice! A new tough and rugged-looking ride called Motoped Survival Bike has finally arrived and it packs pretty much everything you may be looking for in an ideal mode of transportation to blaze off on in the face of an approaching apocalypse.

An updated version of the previous Motoped motorized cycling hybrid (which was basically a blend of a regular mountain bike and a motorcycle), Motoped Survival Bike preserves much of the features found in its predecessor such as the custom-made gas tank, rear rack, gas can and frame.

Like the previous Motoped motorized bike, this innovative two-wheeler combines the pedal drive and engine power in one ultra-performing vehicle, and you can alternate between them with the help of a handy jack-shaft placed in the swing-arm pivot. The Survival Bike is fitted with a 49cc-155cc four-stroke horizontal OHV motor for extraordinary gas mileage (90-120 mpg) and there’s a variety of engines you can choose from depending on the ride mode of your preference and the requirements in terms of speed, power and your target terrain (the offer includes Honda mini trail 50, trail 90and 110, CT-70, SL-70, XR50, XR70, CRF50, CRF70 1969-2014 or any clone/pitbike engine such as Lifan, YX Works, GPX, Jialing and SSR).

Motoped Survival Bike

Aside from the powerful engine drive, Motoped Survival Bike also packs a set of downhill mountain bike parts attached to a custom-built frame and swing arm for maximum durability and strength. However, unlike the regular Motoped, the survival Bike also comes with quite a few neat accessory upgrades to live up to its glorious name – the set of available add-ons includes two one-gallon gas packs, set of carabiners and climbing rope, lightning system, neck knife, smartphone bike mount, two multitools, flashlight and a multipurpose knife-come-light, survival shovel, an axe/tomahawk, blade and fixed blade saw, and even a crossbow and harpoon. Amazing, isn’t it?

Motoped Survival Bike

Motoped Survival Bike is environmentally friendly, surprisingly quiet, highly affordable, and above all fun to ride. And believe it or not, it also requires minimum maintenance, so don’t hesitate – order yours before the supplies run out and get ready to experience the best ride of your life as soon as your Survival Bike arrives! [via]

Motoped Survival Bike phone mount

Motoped Survival Bike gas tank

Motoped Survival Bike weapon

Motoped Survival Bike

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