Fans of innovative transport options and hybrid vehicle combos, we have a special treat for you today: meet Motoped Cruzer, the ultimate moped-come-bicycle that aims to transform your daily commuting and countryside pedaling tours into a sheer bliss and joy on wheels.

Following the recent success of their doomsday-oriented Survival Bike, the Motoped team decided to roll out their latest creation and see how it goes.

Motoped Cruzer board track racer style

A crossbreed of a moped and a traditional bike, the new Cruzer is inspired by the time-honored board-track racer model dating back to the early 1900s and it is designed specifically for city transport, beach-side boardwalk rides and short country road trips. Modeled after the iconic racers, this hybrid cycle packs a slim 1.3-gallon brushed stainless steel tank, aluminum billet with 165 millimeter square tapered aluminum crank arms and a double heat-treated 6061 aluminum swing arm, a pair of real wood fenders with matching tank trim, a comfy aged-leather spring-seat (30-34 inches in adjustable height) and topped by some charming brass accents to round off the ride of your dreams.

Motoped Cruzer

Fitted with a 49cc engine and a set of pedals, Motoped Cruzer allows you to pedal if you want to work out a sweat or just hit the throttle and cruise leisurely around at 24mph if you’re not in the mood for exercise. On a single tank of fuel, your new Motoped Cruizer will take you for a ride across some 100-150+ miles before needing a refill. Further specs include a patented jackshaft pedal drive system, DNM adjustable front and rear suspension, two-stage automatic/four-speed semi-automatic transmission, 4130 chromoly single-tube frame and Hayes Prime DH hydraulic forged mono-bloc four-piston front and rear calipers with Hayes 224-millimeter front and rear rotors. All this cycling goodness is fixed to wheels with 24-inch Alex Rims (13 gauge spokes each) shod in 24 x 3-inch tires and finished off by a custom-built Motoped® performance rear hub.

Motoped Cruzer

Impressed? Wait ‘till you hear this final bit of info: in order to make their hybrid more popular among people from all walks of life and hobbies, the Motoped team has decided to let their clients customize their new Cruizers after their own needs, tastes and preferences and pick a handful of optional accessories to throw on top of their hybrid bike, like a surfboard rack, saddle bags and/or a cooler. Now that’s what you call an all-in-one design, don’t you agree?

Motoped Cruzer board track racer

Weighing a total of 128 pounds, Motoped’s latest hybrid cycle looks pretty darn versatile, functional and pleasant to ride so in case you’re looking for one two-wheeler that truly does it all, the Cruizer may be your next best bet. [viawatch video below

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