Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Huckberry (Part 2)

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If you checked our previous list with suggestions for Mother’s Day and didn’t find the perfect gift, we decided to expand our guide and offer you a few more ideas. Below you’ll find interesting and unique ideas available on Huckberry. Check them out!

1 – Small Leaf Earrings

Small Leaf Earrings

In the last list, we featured a simple necklace a mother would love. Here’s one minimalistic piece of jewelry you simply can’t be wrong about. We’re talking about April Soderstorm Small Leaf Earrings. These delicate earrings are 14 K gold filled, lightweight and classy. They are lightly hammered for a textured look and are perfect for an all-day comfort, whether it’s wearing them to work or an evening cocktail party.

BUY | $29.98

2 – The Copper DIY Air Plant Kit

The Copper DIY Air Plant Kit

An interesting addition to a home and a way to creatively spend time.

This next gift will inspire creativity, is a fun way to spend time and be left with an interesting home decoration at the end of the day. The Copper DIY Air Plant Kit comes with everything necessary to build a floating home for your plant. It includes pre-cut and treated copper tubes, copper wire and easy to understand directions. With it, you’ll also receive a guide on how to care for the plant itself.

BUY | $22.98

3 – The Classic Gardener Set

The Classic Gardener Set

Three garden tools that will last a lifetime.

Continuing with plants, we have another mother worthy idea. The Classic Gardener Set includes three tools for every task in the backyard. This set of hand tools is made from high-quality materials and is designed to last a lifetime. All three come with rust resistant and heat-treated stainless steel parts. As for the handle, it’s made from eco-friendly bamboo and will fit perfectly into the hand. Another benefit is that everything comes packed in a nice wooden box so you won’t be needing wrapping paper.

BUY | $54.98

4 – Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream

Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream

An all natural cream.

Here’s one more item from Osea, a brand we featured in the last gift guide. This way you can match both the body scrub we wrote about and this Atmosphere Protection Cream. It’s an all natural cream that will protect the skin from elements like dry air and wind. It contains organic algae, shea butter, and avocado oil. Each of these ingredients was combined with the purpose of moisturizing and firming the skin.

BUY | $42.98

5 – The Vineyard Haven Hammock

The Vineyard Haven Hammock

A soft and comfortable place for reading and napping.

The last item in this Huckberry Mother’s Day special is the Vineyard Haven Hammock. It’s made as a weather safe yarn to contour your body and provide a perfect place for napping. It’s also super soft, comes with a loose-knit design, won’t flip and has enough room to comfortably fit a person. Finally, this hammock is handmade and easy to set up.

BUY | $169.98

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