Moss Hotel In Iceland Opens This Fall

Situated in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland stands the Moss Hotel. It’s surrounded by magnificent volcanic frontiers, built into the 1226 lava flow that’s covered in moss. This hotel not only integrates nature and architecture but respects the environment and incorporates sustainable energy. It will open this fall.

Moss Hotel will offer 62 rooms and suites for guests. They are all different in size but what they have in common is the amazing view of the moss-covered lava provided thanks to floor to ceiling windows. The rooms are there to offer tranquility, comfort, and luxury. Some of them have a private access to the lagoon.

the room in Moss Hotel

Moss Hotel is located in an Icelandic Blue lagoon, a subterranean spa built into the 1226 lava flow that’s covered in moss.

Moss Hotel is a true sanctionary that provides a unique experience, especially with the geothermal lagoon surrounding it. It’s called the Lava Cove and it’s a subterranean spa built into the same 800-year-old lava flow. This geothermal seawater is full of open spaces, waterfalls, and plateaus. There, you can enjoy the cold air but also dry and steam heat, massages, long fire and a panoramic viewing deck. Mineral salt, silica, and algae will energize you, moisturize and exfoliate your skin and bring you a fresh look.

a view on Moss Hotel room plan

The hotel will open this fall and have 62 rooms and suites ready for guests.

Finally, there’s the Moss restaurant, serving dishes from Iceland’s seas, mountains and farmlands. It features a chef’s table, a lounge, and a wine cellar. The lounge is decorated with timeless furniture pieces and has an expansive balcony. The chef’s table is an area where you can try their 7-course menu made from fresh and local ingredients.

a balcony of Moss Hotel

The rooms are luxurious, provide amazing views and come with large balconies.

the Moss Hotel room porch

Some will have a private access to the lagoon.

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