Going on a long journey on your bike would be one of the best experiences you could have, but travelling in this manner can be cut short due to lack of storage space. After all, you are travelling on a motorcycle. Luckily, there are experts which aim to make these issues have little to no impact if you are a motorcycle enthusiast. Mosko Moto has released their Reckless 40L System which brings a different take on motorcycle storage, largely due to the fact that it does not require pannier racks to be set up. The elimination of the metal pannier racks saves money and eliminates extra weight which they usually bring in the fold. However, it still offers enough space as it provides a traditional 3-bag organizational system, consisted of two side panniers and a dufflebag.

Reckless 40L System metal racks

The Reckless 40L System does not require metal pannier racks

The need for metal racks was eliminated with the holster system in which the three aforementioned drybags are strapped into. All three of these are 22oz PVC welded-seam drybags with rolltop closure. This closure system allows you to access all of your things without having to constantly strap/unstrap them from the holster. Completely waterproof, you can store all of the things you might need on your trip.

Reckless 40L System holster system

The holster system allows for easy removal of all three of the drybags

The Reckless 40L System has separate rear pockets on both sides, which are perfect for storing fuel and water bottles and various tools. It was also equipped with two overlapping beavertails perfect for storing wet things which you don’t want to get into contact with the items from the drybags. The rear beavertail has a padded pocket most suitable for your smartphone while the front beavertail has a mesh pocket perfect for you documents.

Reckless 40L System rear pocket

The rear pockets are perfect for storing water and fuel bottles

The fellas who designed the Mosko Moto Reckless 40L System have thought about the safety of having bags of this design on your bike, which is why this system was equipped with a laser-cut aluminum exhaust heat shield for those prolonged rides. And if your worry is the lack of luggage loops on your bike, then relax. Two attachment brackets are included, so you can work around this issue.

Reckless 40L System beavertail

Two overlapping beavertails allow you to store more sensitive equipment

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