Morpher is a folding bicycle helmet that makes use of these useful, but often hated products completely trouble free.

Bicycle helmets have long been seen as a necessary evil. They can save your life and in many countries you are required to wear them by law, but they are also pretty bulky and a proper problem when they are not on your head. In the UK a survey has shown that 92% of cyclists do not wear helmets while 84% of them feel that a helmet is a valuable safety tool. The reason they deliberately neglect safety is lack of portability. Well, the Morpher is the solution.

Morpher folds completely flat when not in use, which means that it is a lot easier to carry around and pack in a bag. Now, the Morpher is not the first folding helmet. There have been other solutions on the market which have presented varying views of the problem, but the Morpher is the first one that folds completely flat and the advantages of this setup are huge.

Even though some may feel that a completely folding helmet may not be completely safe, the current prototype has passed EU tests and the product is being constantly improved, so there should be no problem with this. watch video below

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Morpher folding bicycle helmet

Morpher folding bicycle helmet

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