More Sky Pop-Out Window


Do you need more light in your apartment? Or do you want to look at the clear night sky, without having to leave your apartment? Well, the “More Sky Pop-Out Window” is offering exactly that. That is, of course, if height is not a big problem for you. The name behind this amazing design is Aldana Ferrer Garcia, and she managed to create three extraordinary concepts of these pop-out windows.

The first one is called, “hopper niche” and it’s made for the bravest ones out there. It’s frame is made out of three parts that extend outside of the apartment, creating some sort of a chair, or a hammock. This will allow you to enjoy the wonders of the bright, starry night sky without leaving your warm and comfortable apartment.  So if you’re living in a high building, looking up would be sublime, but looking down would even be more amazing.

Hopper niche

#1: Hopper niche, for the bravest ones.

The second one is much simpler and less thrilling. It is called “casement niche”, and it was created to rotate outside of your apartment. It has a little firm seat for you to sit and enjoy the panoramic view. In this case, your body is not fully exposed to height, and you feel like you’re more in control.

Casement niche

#2: Casement niche – you’re more in control, and still have a great panoramic view.

The third and last from Aldana’s design is called “awning niche” and it’s made for the cautious ones. It’s a pop-out window with the little base that you can lean on. This one is not made to withstand the whole body, so do not do anything else except a little and gentle bow. The “awning niche” is perfect for observing the streets bellow you, while drinking a morning coffee.

Awning niche

#3: Awning niche – don’t lean too much, it can’t hold your whole weight.

“More Sky Pop-Out Windows” are still in the idea stage, without any price estimated, but we’re hoping that this amazing idea by Argentinian designer, Aldana Ferrer Garcia, will soon become a reality. [via]

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