Every average Joe needs a trusty blade always close at hand and ready to cut and carve through a range of strong materials on a daily basis. However, finding a sharp yet strong enough utility knife is not easy on the growing blade market. That’s where the Morakniv Companion Knife comes in: designed by Morakniv (the firm comprising freshly merged Swedish companies Mora and KJ Erikson with an over a decade long utility knife-making tradition), this smart and sturdy blade may well save your life in a case of dire outdoor emergency. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Morakniv Companion Knife

An updated edition of the world-famous Mora Clipper knife, Morakniv Companion is an ultimate blade to have around when braving the big outdoors. A perfect piece of gear for keen hunters, bushcrafters and other outdoor enthusiasts, the Companion comes with a robust 1/8-inch thick carbon steel blade sizing 4.1 inches in length (a stainless steel version is also available from Morakniv) with a somewhat blunter 27-degree edge angle for superior load capacity and unparalleled sharpness and pressure resistance. For exceptional balance, superior comfort and ease of use, Morakniv Companion has an extra-large ergonomic handle fitted with a soft high-friction rubber grip and the classic scandi grind makes resharpening as simple as ABC.

Thanks to its carbon steel edge, Morakniv Companion is extremely durable and tough, and its backside can even be used as a handy fire striker when exploring the wild lighter-free and matchbox-less. For your maximum convenience and safety, each Companion comes shod in a molded plastic sheath in military green with an in-built drain hole and belt clip so it will always be ready to whip out when you need it the most.

Morakniv Companion Knife

Measuring 8.9 inches in total length and weighing a relatively slight 4.8 ounces for a trusty tool of its kind (2.8 ounces without the protective sheet), Morakniv Companion Knife comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and it guarantees years of effortless slicing, chopping, carving and cutting tasks on the go. Affordable, super-sharp and extremely durable, Morakniv Companion is every man’s best comrade on a daring adventure into the wild, so make sure you get your paws on this piece of cutting goodness before you set out to conquer the world next time. [via]

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