Here is great news for all iPhone users who are constantly craving for more storage space and battery life. Mophie decided to gladden all those who own an iPhone 5s/5 with their latest product dubbed Space Pack.

The SpacePack is an extender for your mobile device that allows you to store additional 32GB of data, while prolonging the life of its battery for up to 100% with its battery case. Precisely, this is about 8 hours of talk time, 40 hours of music or 10 hours of watching videos. This means that the Space Pack does not only charge your phone, but it backs it up, as well, so it kills two birds with one stone. It works just like any other Mophie battery-pack case, and even though it looks very similar to them, this one is a little thicker, and it is delivered in two colors – black or white. Along with it comes the Mophie Space free application that is needed to open any of the files stored on it.

Mophie Space Pack

Storing files onto this add-on for your phone is very easy, since it works just like any USB flash drive, and all you need to do is to copy or drag a file of any kind, such as .zip or even .exe, into its folder. The application sorts the files which it holds automatically into various categories, such as Videos, Music, Photos, Documents and Other files. However, you cannot open all of these files with the Space application, but it supports many formats. The application is also very safe, because it asks you for a 4-digit password every time you try to access it, both from the phone or a PC. The only downside of this product is that you will not be able to plug in your headphones without a jack extender.

The Space Pack is available for the price of $180 for the 32GB version and the 16GB version costs $30 less, but considering that is literally a must have accessory for your iPhone, it is totally worth it. watch video below

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Mophie storage and extra battery case

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