Moov Now | 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach


Moov Now is at the same time a fitness tracker but also a wearable fitness coach that will help you out with your everyday exercises and sports. It’s probably the most advanced fitness wearable and according to some, it does what Apple watch and Fitbit can’t.

Moov Now has 10 workout programs with more than 200 levels. Probably its most important feature is the real-time audio coaching. No matter if you’re running, cycling, swimming, body weight training or cardio boxing, Moov Now talks to you and coaches you every step of the way. For example, if you’re running it will tell you when you’re slowing down, when you should run faster or take a break.

Four Moov Now Fitness Trackers

Moov Now is both a fitness tracker and a real-time audio coach.

Moov Now also corrects your form to prevent injuries. The programs are based depending on your goal, so if you want to lose weight or train for a marathon, the program will be different. If you’re swimming, Moov Now will recognize your style and laps, measure resting time, pace and flip turn time. There are also special metrics and programs for other activities as well as 7-minute workout with guided instructions.

A Guy Swimming Wearing Moov Now

Moov Now has different programs for running, cycling, swimming, body weight training and cardio boxing as well as a 7-minute workout program.

As for the Moov Now itself, it has a durable band that is water, dirt and sweat proof. It tracks sleep automatically and syncs via Bluetooth so you can use a smartphone app to gain additional information. Another great option is that you don’t have to charge it since the battery can hold up to 6 months. After that, simply replace it. It also features Omni Motion sensor that can present and analyze your motion in 3D.

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Moov Now Smartphone App

You can use a smartphone app to follow advice, metrics and check your progress.

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