Have you ever had a compulsion to perform your daily hygiene routine in a sink that is also an aquarium? Probably not. But have you ever wanted to own a sink that is so unusual and entertaining that your friends or guests won’t stop talking about it? Probably yes. Moody Aquarium Sink, by Italbrass, is quirky as quirky gets.

The Moody Aquarium Sink has a removable top, a water pump, a water filter, lighting, decorative stand, and two side soap dishes which are also used for feeding fish. The sink itself is made of glass, while the stand comes in chrome or wood. Its measurements are 34’’ height, 29.5’’ width and 23.5’’ depth. Moody Sink doesn’t necessarily have to be an aquarium. You can choose one that is a Zen garden, a terrarium or pebble river bed.

Moody Aquarium Sink with fish on the inside

Moody Aquarium Sink in the bathroom

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