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A slingshot is one of the weapons that doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. It’s powerful, silent, can shoot a fair distance and you always have unlimited ammo laying around. In fact, the slingshot is such an effective weapon that the South African Special Forces, the “Recces” occasionally only used them with ball-bearings and Commando Tantos while on silent missions. So, if you were perusing for a powerful weapon, then the Gloveshot by Montie Gear is the way to go.

Based out of North Carolina, Montie Gear has long been known for their excellent quality in the world of slingshots and the Gloveshot is no different.

Man pulling back the elastic on the Gloveshot

The Gloveshot’s unique design allows it to brace against the back of your hand via the braided cord to maximize the elastic tension.

The Gloveshot is an extremely lightweight and portable slingshot that gains its tension from twin flat elastic bands that have been fixed to the frame, like with most other slingshots. What makes the Gloveshot all the more unique, is the fact that it has a braided rope construction that braces against your hand. This serves two purposes; the first is that enhances your stability, and thereby your aim, and the second is, it maximizes the possible tension that you can get from the elastic. Be sure to check out the video below.

Gloveshot by itself

The cord not only braces against your hand but also aids in comfort while shooting.

By maximizing the tension, the Gloveshot gives you the ability to fire a 3/8” ball bearing at speeds of 150 feet per second and upwards. Essentially, this means that the Gloveshot can be used to hunt small game like rabbits with ease and, if you’re close enough and place your shot well, you could even down a deer.

However, if you’re not the hunting type, it still makes for good fun shooting at some cans or targets and it’s a definite must have for the outdoor man.

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