Monte Rosa Hut In Switzerland

Located in Switzerland, near Zermatt on the Monte Rosa massif and sitting at the altitude of 2,883 meters, Monte Rosa Hut offers a perfect mountain setting. In fact, it was inspired by medieval huts but designed in a modern way.

As for the exterior, it was constructed from pre­fab­ric­ated frame ele­ments and shimmering aluminum shell while the inside of this five-story hut is dominated by wood. The location provides a feeling of insulation and the building itself is mostly self-sufficient (supplies its own energy and water needs) resulting in a true mountain getaway.

the exterior of Monte Rosa Hut

Inspired by medieval buildings, Monte Rosa Hut is located at the altitude of 2,883 meters in Switzerland.

windows in Monte Rosa Hut

The hut is self-sufficient and provides its own energy and water. Windows also let the warmth and natural light come in.

The lower levels are reserved for communal areas while the sleeping quarters are located on the top floors. The windows are arranged so they almost wrap the entire house. Also, the smart arrangement of the windows provides panoramic views from the communal areas as well as the even distribution of the sun’s warmth throughout the house. [via]

wooden communal areas in Monte Rosa Hut

Communal areas are on the lower levels and contain mostly wooden elements.

two images of Monte Rosa Hut interior

Bedrooms are located on top floors.

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