Montblanc Luxury Smartwatch Collection


Montblanc has long been known for their intricate luxury watches. If you were looking for the epitome of sophistication, Montblanc would be the chronograph to get. But, as our lives become more digital, adaptation is a necessary evolutionary step. So, without further ado, we introduce the Montblanc Luxury Smartwatch Collection.

The essence of fine watchmaking that has been combined with Android Wear 2.0, make the Montblanc Collection some of the finest and most powerful wearable smart gear on the market.

Montblanc Smartwatch being adjusted

These Montblanc Smartwatches feature the world’s first domed sapphire crystal lens over an AMOLED display.

The design for this collection was inspired by the award-winning 1858 collection, and the heritage of Minerva. Of course, the spirit of the watch is captured by the different digital faces that are available; the sophisticated 1858 collection, the summit-shaped fitness watch to track your daily goals, and a minimalist urban watch face, among others. Check out the video below.

Montblanc Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

Of course, as a smartwatch, it comes with a variety of fitness trackers and programs.

The 46mm case itself is constructed out of PVD-coated stainless steel with a satin finish and it’s water resistant with a rating of IP68. It’s also only 12mm thick. Of course, it features the first domed sapphire crystal glass made for a smartwatch. This covers the high-resolution AMOLED touch display for the finest viewing experience.

Two different versions of the Montblanc Summit Smartwatch

These watches are also available with different interchangeable straps.

In addition to this, it comes with several fitness trackers, a heart rate sensor, barometer, a microphone with voice control, and a battery that lasts a day on one charge. The Montblanc Collection is also available in over 300 possible different configurations.

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