Having concerns about low visibility and road safety as you roam the streets on your bike after sundown? No need to worry any longer, with LED Bike Wheel Lights by MonkeyLectric fresh on the market.

Consisting of a bright set of 10 full-color graphic LEDs, the MonkeyLectric wheel lights easily strap to the spokes of nearly any bike, be it Road, City, Cruiser, Mountain or BMX, granted wheel size of 20″ and over. Once mounted, the set will produce 20 different color patterns on your spinning wheel at speeds of 15-65 km/h, thus making sure your bike stays clearly visible in all weather conditions.  The separate battery is fitted to the hub to keep the light going while preserving the balance on the wheel. The battery holder can pack three AA batteries which promise some 40 hours of vivid biking lightshow.

LED bicycle wheel lights

Rugged-looking, 100% waterproof and highly durable thanks to its solid rubber construction, the LED wheel lights feature an outstanding wide-angle view, offering amazing front, rear and side visibility at any speed. Thanks to the MonkeyFX system, each unit can be programmed to display various patterns, turning your spinning wheels into a surrealist light show. When not in use, the MonkeyLectric unit will sit unobtrusively on your wheel and it won’t affect your ride, and you can also decide to remove it without any problems.

The MonkeyLectric bike lights are available in two other variants – the M232 version includes 32 LEDs and produces 48 light themes, while the latest Monkey Light Pro features a set of four rows of LED light strips programmed to display custom images and animations which can be sent to the light system via Bluetooth.

Before you set out for that evening ride, make sure you’ve fixed your wheels with the MonkeyLectric wheel lights for higher visibility in the traffic and also for better biking fun. So, keep biking, turn on your MonkeyLectric lights, stay safe on the road and throw in an extra lightshow. watch video below

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Monkeylectric wheel lights

LED bike lights

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