Molekule | The World’s First Molecular Air Purifier


The technology of air purification just became much better. Molekule is the first air purifier ever that works at the molecular level and is 100% effective.

Molekule features Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology that uses free radicals to kill pollutants. This innovative patented technology is able to destroy pollutants that are even 1000 times smaller than what traditional HEPA filters can do.

Molekule Air Purifier In A Room With A Guy Sitting At The Desk

Molekule uses patented Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology.

The way Molekule works seems quite simple. The air goes in at the bottom of it and enters the pre-filter. This is where larger allergens are destroyed, those like dust, pollen and dander. The next step is the nano filter where the rest of pollutants break down to molecular levels. At the top, the good air leaves, containing no harmful molecules.

The Top Of Molekule Air Purifier Releasing Clean Air

Fresh and clean air is released at the top of it.

Besides the technology, there are more things that make Molekule special. It is very quiet when it’s on and because of its 360° air intake, it’s very fast as well. In fact, it’s able to replace the air in a 600 square foot room twice an hour. Molekule is made from machined aluminum and has an elegant and minimal design.

Molekule Air Purifier Being Moved

Molekule is easily portable.

It doesn’t always have to be on the same spot, you can easily move it around. Also, Molekule can be connected to wifi so by using a smartphone app, you can control it. This is a great thing because the app will show you when is the right time to change the filter. You should change the nano filter once a year and pre-filters every three months.

Connecting Molekule Air Purifier To Smartphone App

You can use a smartphone app to control it.

Molekule weighs 18 lbs and its dimensions are 23 inch height x 8.25 inch diameter. There are three different noise levels you can set- normal mode, silent mode and turbo boost.

Check out this video to learn more about Molekule.

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