Nothing beats a good, old lantern when it comes to efficiently illuminating your surroundings and no lantern beats the Black Diamond Moji Lantern. The Moji Lantern will surprise you with its powerful 100 lumens light output. And with its 6 meter diameter, everything around this lantern will be easy to see. It will definitely come in handy when you go camping because it can light up your entire campsite without an issue, and if you don’t have satisfactory lighting in your backyard, this lantern can take care of that problem as well and create a cool and relaxing atmosphere. This effect can be enhanced if you opt for two or more of these bad boys to light up your surroundings.

Moji Lantern light output

Each Moji Lantern has a maximum light output of 100 lumens

At maximum output, its TriplePower LED does the job efficiently, and you can even dim the light if you want to because the Moji Lantern has got three operating modes: high, medium and low. It uses three AAA batteries and it can run up to 70 hours on the low setting and 13 full hours on the high setting.

Moji Lantern handle

Its collapsible double-hook hang loop allows you to carry it around of hang it somewhere at your campsite

The Moji Lantern has a collapsible double-hook hang loop so you can carry it around to light up your trail, or for you to hang it somewhere. It may not seem like it can take a punch, bit it’s pretty durable too. It can withstand a lot of damage from water immersion, so if you drop it in a body of water, don’t worry, the Moji Lantern will continue doing its magic.

Available in three colors: graphite, blazing yellow and process blue, the Moji Lantern looks pretty good as well. Weighing only 3 ounces, you won’t have to think twice about taking it with you to your next camping trip.

Get it from Amazon here.

Moji Lantern color variants

The Moji Lantern is available in the following colors: graphite, blazing yellow and process blue

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