Mogo is a portable upright seat that is practical above all. A product of a great idea, Mogo is a fun, fashion forward and useful product above everything else. It has a fiberglass reinforced seat combined with a reversible rubber base that makes even hard surfaces enjoyably soft.

It weighs only 2.1lbs and, when collapsed, easily fits into your back pack, or gym bag since it comes down to only 18 inches. This also makes it remarkably easy to store. Apart from the mentioned features, Mogo also includes 3 telescoping sections that are used for extension that is adjustable in 1 inch steps. Even though its weight is only 2.1lbs it can hold up to 200lb.

The reason why they opted for a leaning seat is the fact that leaning is a natural thing. Your legs are relieved of stress, there is no need for a back rest and people usually do not haunch when they are leaning.

Mogo Portable Leaning Seat

When fully extended, Mogo comes to hefty 37 inches, and we doubt many people will need more than that, so it is a perfect fit for almost anyone, especially if we have in mind the 1-inch increments. Carrying is made even easier with the possibility to detach the seat pan and snap it to the retracted leg.

With the price of just $99 on Amazon, glofers, birdwatchers, hunters, hikers, or anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors will see great benefits from using Mogo, but you can also make your entire office ergonomically fun for a small portion of the money you would need to spend on other products.

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Mogo Portable Leaning Seat

Mogo Portable Leaning Seat

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